integrative elemental wellbeing

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Integrative elemental wellbeing merges functional movement, nutritional science and holistic healing to return to a state of equilibrium within body, mind and spirit in alignment with the earth. 

The skillful application of these practices builds strength, increases proprioception, brings clarity to the mind, regulates hormonal imbalances, nervous system responses and nutritional deficiencies to provide you with the awareness to make conscious choices and expand your capacity to withstand intensity in the uncontrolled, stressful reality we deal with daily.



nourishing the whole: body, mind, and spirit in alignment with the earth

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With an emphasis on bio-individuality, ayurveda and humanology, Elle provides space for you to develop a healthy, authentic relationship with your Self. Uncover the meaning of your behaviors and patterns, core beliefs, and discover new tools to support your journey to a state of abundant vitality. 

All uniquely crafted program offerings include nutritional support, curated mindful movement guided sequences & meditations to strengthen your intuitive voice and learn to understand how your digestion, assimilation of foods, metabolism, and overall wellbeing are directly impacted by the synergy of mind, body, spirit and environment.



Elle is trained extensively in Ashtanga-based Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra and Bhakti Yoga, Restorative/Yin (fascial stretching), Kundalini and Pilates. She draws from this deep well of wisdom to offer you the opportunity to experience your elemental nature: sūnyatā-stillness, the essence of Self; the neutral mind-the embodied sense of totality within a reality of duality. She guides dynamic sessions dependent on the individual and areas in need of attention to facilitate a foundation for a sustainable daily practice (sadhana). 

Integration and absorption of these powerful experiences is essential to truly grow stronger and balance the yin/yang energy. Giving space to rest and digest is where the real transformation occurs and 

the skillful application hands-on massage provides a comprehensive system of therapeutic release, cultivating wellbeing and harmony in a world in need of mindful compassionate care.


“Each session with Elle has helped me gain control of my emotions and have helped me change my approach to life.  I find that I am generally more relaxed and even at times of high tension am able to take a step back and practice my yoga breathing to remain calm.  I have also noticed a GREAT increase in physical strength and flexibility after just a few months of practice! I am still amazed at the poses I can achieve and at how much healthier I feel after each session.”

Aleida Ortega, private client


tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver

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