Hi! I'm elle anna, founder of rebelle collective and student of life.

Hi! I'm elle, founder of rebelle collective and student of life

For as long as I can remember, I have been in deep reverence for the magical mystery of this universe and the intricate beauty of nature, and continued to ask my Self how could I use my voice and vessel to show reciprocity for the gifts of mother earth? After a serious health scare, I was inspired to explore the merging of body, mind and spirit through experiential journeys that reflect the symbiotic relationships that exist in the natural world. The desire to refine my ability to share this infinite well of transformative alchemy and give back to the earth from which we came opened the doorway to a lifelong commitment of study in the healing arts of yoga, mindful movement, plant based nutrition, whole systems health, wellness, and modalities of energy and bodywork.

This broad spectrum of foundational knowledge has led to the continuous development of my holistic nutritional therapy practice, a unique approach to whole systems healing. I am an LMT, 500+ hr RYT, and hold additional certifications in Holistic Health Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy, Pilates, and Yin Yoga with well over 1,000hrs of teaching, coaching, and bodywork experience. With the utmost respect to the cultural significance of this ancient technology, I have been studying with world renowned teachers since 2011, exploring the many limbs of yoga through the lens of those who have become masters of these modalities. I most recently completed Kundalini Yoga teacher training and am certified through the Kundalini Research Institute. I am humbly grateful for the unending wisdom I have tapped into under the guidance of my teachers, in all of their forms, and how their support has helped me widen my periphery and understanding.

I curate personalized programs which serve as a platform to align the body, mind & spirit with the elements and cycles of the earth with attention to each individual’s unique constitution to nurture your core of being. My offerings employ a synergistic, thoughtful application of yoga, energy, breath and bodywork and nutritional education to empower you to discover and activate your inner healer.

Currently, I am completing Level 2 KRI training and studying to obtain a MS in Nutritional Science expand my expertise, accessibility, and impact as a Holistic Nutritional Therapist specializing in the concept of integrative elemental wellbeing-learning how to nourish ourselves with each choice we make through strengthening the intuitive guide within. Truly believing that we are all one or none, I am honored to serve as a guide on your discovery of embodied wellbeing to liberate the inner guru so we may all be happy and free, thriving in unity, reverence and respect on this planet earth.



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