making the most of mother earth's bounty: creative uses for juice pulp

If you are a fan of juicing, you may find yourself sadly tossing away so. much. pulp. in the process of extracting that delicious juice...but wait! There are an infinite amount of uses for that fantastic fiber! One of my absolute favorite applications is turning that pile of leftovers into crunchy bits of goodness, to be used as a granola substitute, cookies, cereal, and beyond.

I am a lover of a little dose of carrot-apple-ginger-turmeric-lemon juice in the morning, so one of my favorite concoctions combines the anti inflammatory benefits of this blend with the flavors of Golden Milk, all wrapped up in a crunchy bite that not only tastes delectable, but gives your body a dose of nourishing goodness for a healthy belly and happy mind.

I'll be whipping up a batch to share at Sacred Space's Midsummer Maker's Market this weekend, with a side of snickerdoodle hummus and apple butter for a sweet afternoon treat! Be sure to put your pre-order in ASAP-they close tomorrow (7/17) at midnight-you can order your sweet snack pack here:

Golden Crunch


4 cups carrot/apple/ginger/turmeric juice pulp

1 cup almond flour (raw & sprouted nuts if possible-this is simple to make yourself in a food processor or blender)

*optional: 1/2 c almond flour + 1/2 c nut milk pulp

1/2 c flaxmeal

1 apple, finely chopped

2 dates, finely chopped

1/2 c mango, finely chopped

2 Tbs cinnamon

1 tsp maple extract

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp pink salt

coconut water/apple carrot ginger juice/nut milk to use as a binder if needed (about 1/4 c will do the trick-this is necessary if you are not using any nut milk pulp)


1 scoop raw vegan vanilla protein powder (I love Amazing Grass or Garden of Life)

1 scoop greens powder of choice (wheatgrass, etc)

Prep: (about 10-15min)

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, mix it up well, spread thinly onto dehydrator sheets. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Dehydrate about 12 hours, rotating trays once, at 105 degrees. Enjoy the divine scents emanating from your kitchen! Once they are crispy, its time to eat! You can break them into smaller pieces and mix with nuts & dried fruit for a fully raw, vegan, grain free muesli, perfect for topping your favorite smoothie bowl, (n)ice cream, or eating on its own. They also make awesome little bars/cookies, the perfect vehicle for delicious dips like snickerdoodle hummus, nut butters, jams and more.

Remember, this is just one of endless possibilities of variety for flavor combinations, so get creative with those leftovers!

Stay golden ☺️


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