together we rise

There is a way through every block. The resounding mantra that has guided my experiences over the past days of extreme intensity, a resilient voice reminding me to stay steady on the breath and present to whatever is needed in the moment to retain equilibrium and ride the waves. This mantra, one of the sutras of the Aquarian Age, is so simple and direct on the surface, but what has really been illuminated to me over witnessing the events that played out was that the WAY through every block lies in connection with others, that only together can we achieve the impossible. Over and over again, this was demonstrated to me, different situations, all calling for individuals to come together for a common goal and ask: not what do I need, but what is needed of me?

Let me tell you a story....

Last week, the stars aligned and made it possible for me to attend the Summer Solstice celebration in NM, for the last day of white tantric yoga. If you are familiar with the practice, you already know what a testament it is to the power of the collective supported by the effort and courage of each individual-and this day was such a powerful visceral experience of the strength of many necessary to support each soul. Shout out to my dear friend Aaron for your partnership that day, holding steady through each mental, physical & emotional wall, encouraging rest-allowing space to move beyond what I thought I was capable of. White tantric days end with a blind walk through the desert, an opportunity to follow the light even through the darkness-guided by friends and strangers alike, requiring trust and collaboration to stay steady on the path. All vibrating together, in a thousand different melodies, the mantra of ecstasy-Wahe Guru!

Before I made the journey home, I was blessed to attend Gurmukh’s class on Saturday morning, to revel in the grace that is so abundant when we rise together. It was absolutely beautiful & resplendent. I had a flight to catch in ABQ soon after so I planned to enjoy lunch, do my sadhana, and hit the road. I went into the small trailer that holds a kitchen to grab my things. As I went to open the door, I looked outside the window and in utter shock watched as a tornado of dirt whipped through, lifting the massive dining tent off of the earth and dropping it back down, on top if so many who were just preparing for the last celebratory meal of this 10 day immersion. And just as fast as it came, it was gone, leaving destruction in its wake. What happened next was nothing short of incredible to witness-those who could be of service mobilized immediately, offering strength to those injured, and everyone else gathered together to resonate healing vibrations in support of those in pain. Even in the wake of tragic destruction, the collective remained calm and focused on uplifting the whole. My time on the mountain ended there, following the ambulance down the mountain chanting Ra Ma Da Sa. When I arrived to the airport, I found my flight was cancelled and no flights were available until Monday. I had a 6am layover in Denver with no way of getting there. But again, I was not alone in this misfortune, so I hopped in a car with 4 other folks and we drove overnight to make it just in time-yet another shining example provided by the universe of the necessity of working together to get through any block.

It was also day 83 of a 90 day sadhana I had committed to, and given the events of the day, I still had to find a way to complete it-and there was no way I was giving up now! The guys I drove with were kind enough to not only accommodate me as I did all of my meditations, but actually joined me! We stopped as the sun set on the longest day of the year to practice, and it was sublime to have the support of strangers, open to experience something completely new, help me achieve this goal.

Arriving home, finding space to rest and digest for integration of this experience, I am beyond humbled to bear witness to the unshakable strength of community and collaboration. What a powerful reminder to listen closely to the call of the universe, telling us again and again, in a million different ways, that only together, with courage and compassion, can we overcome the blocks ahead.

There are an unfathomable amount of injustices being played out on a grand scale, but do not forget: we have the capacity to illuminate and eliminate the imbalances of power; to bring reciprocity to our mother earth and her children. Every being, animal, plant, force of life matters and should be honored and celebrated as the divine miracle of consciousness experiencing itself through unlimited variations of diversity. We are all children of this planet, and happiness is our birthright. Your voice matters. NOW is the time to let our voices be heard! Only TOGETHER do we rise. If you are curious of ways to support the freedom of all beings, you need not look far-just listen closely to your heart and open your eyes. Intention drives action. Every action, no matter how small, makes a difference. Where to begin? Consider checking out this list of ways to end the brutal treatment of lost and scared misplaced brothers and sisters (so many of them children) here:

And join me for the next 40 days to practice the meditation shown below, as we cultivate compassion and support for those affected not only by the above tragedies but all those in suffering, everywhere (yourSelf included!). If you would like to practice amongst community, join me for class-I'll be guest teaching Kundalini this Thursday evening 6:30pm at One Yoga, as well as Saturday morning 7:45am Kundalini at Sacred Space. I am here to be of service so please dm me if you'd like more guidance or want to share your story-I’m listening.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short story today! I hope you see the parallels in your own experiences as they play out in this finite game of life and pay attention to the call of the universe, asking for your full presence. We are all one or none.

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