nourish the seed

Learn to eat and live fully in harmony with the seasons and develop awareness of the bounty of nourishment the earth provides, while cultivating a non-harming, zero waste, sustainable diet and lifestyle to support the fruition of your wildest dreams manifested into reality. With an emphasis on Bio-individuality, Humanology, Ayurveda and Food Energetics, Elle provides a vast and comprehensive skill set to facilitate a return to a state of sustainable homeostasis: equilibrium of body, mind and spirit in harmony with the elemental nature of our earth. Begin with a complementary 30 minute consultation session where we can determine your goals and areas in need of attention. After a comprehensive review of your health history, dosha, and tantric numerology reading, we then work together to create a 1-6month program to best serve your needs, incorporating mindful movement, bodywork, holistic nutritional therapy, and lovingly crafted plant based edibles and elixirs to provide integrative support on your journey to embodied wellbeing.  In addition to one-on-one sessions, Elle offers strategic tools and techniques to help corporate clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle with maximum productivity through on-site workplace wellness immersions on a variety of topics suited to your personal area of focus. In-home meal prep and small group catering is also available for local clients. Rates vary dependent on needs of client and immersive program.


build proprioception and cultivate sadhana

The goal of private sessions is to facilitate the development of a sustainable practice that you can integrate into your daily schedule. This practice, when done consistently, will help develop a solid foundation to return to a state of neutral equilibrium amidst the stresses and intensity of daily life and give you techniques to use these experiences for embodied transformation. Elle has over 1,000 hours of extensive education and 7+ years of teaching experience in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga-based Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga/Yin (fascial stretching and deep relaxation), Tantra Yoga, Kundalini, and functional movement modalities including Pilates, Yoga Sculpt and Barre. She draws from this deep well of wisdom to offer you the opportunity to experience your elemental nature, beyond attachments to preconceived ideas of identity and aversion to sensation. The tools that we cultivate and refine on the mat not only serve us to grow stronger in our bodies, but also allow us to find calm in the face of intensity in daily life, so it is truly time well spent.

In addition to individual sessions, Elle offers public classes and workshops in and around the Twin Cities and Internationally. More information on public class schedules is available here:


relax, restore & renew

Curated sessions integrate cranial sacral techniques, deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, fascial manipulation, Thai massage and energy work to facilitate a return to equilibrium and activate your internal healer. Using an intuitive fusion of mindful, flowing strokes, assisted stretches and deep, long holds, Elle listens closely, providing a gracious invitation for the body to soften and release as we move through a unique sequence tailored to your individual needs. She explore areas in need of attention with compassion, patience and care to facilitate the healing process. As you drop in, slow down and relax, you reawaken fully alive, reconnected to your highest state of inner balance and bliss. This service is available to local clients only.





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